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SEO friendly creative writing for podcast show notes, blog copy & socal media captions. This includes:

  • Episode descriptions for podcast platform
  • Key concept discussed with timestamped chapters
  • Links to resources mentioned in the show
  • Notable quotes & key takeaways
  • YouTube chapters list
  • Social media captions for posts & short video snippets

We'll publish each episode to the platforms you use, giving you the assuarance that your show will reach your listeners on time, every time. This includes:

  • Quality checking all the media files & accompanying assets before release
  • Scheduling / publishing to podcast hosting pltform
  • Scheduling / publishing to website/blog
  • Scheduling / publishing to YouTube
  • Scheduling / publishing social media content

We'll create a collection of graphics for each podcast episode, including but not limited to:

  • Episode cover art (square)
  • Instagram/LinkedIn posts (square)
  • Animated image post for Instagram/Facebook stories (vertical)
  • YouTube thumbnail (landscape)

You can decide what graphics assets to use for your podcast.

We'll take powerful moments from each episode and create short (30-60 seconds) videos with captions.

These are suitable for promoting your podcast on LinkedIn, Instagram stories, TikTok, YouTube Shorts etc.

We'll use your email only to send you the quotation.

Tell us about your podcast or your business. Feel free to add a link to your website so we'll take a look at it and figure out easiest ways to get your podcast up.

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