New Podcast Launch Service

Need help with starting your new podcast? Our new podcast launch plan comes with all the services you need to start a new podcast.

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Our new podcast launch process goes as follows.


  • Step 1 : Strategy & Goal Setting
    • We’ll start with a one-on-one chat with you to discuss what you want to achieve with your podcast, your brand strategies and your target audience. If you have an existing online presence we can take a look at them and talk about how to enhance your business with podcast.
    • We’ll guide you through the process of starting a podcast and different tools & services you’ll need along the way.
  • Step 2 : Choosing Tools & Services

    In this phase we’ll help you decide the following things according to your budget & preferences.

    • Web hosting services to use
    • Your podcast hosting platform
    • Equipment to buy
    • Software for recording and online interviews
    • Voice-over, music and sound effects
    • Graphics & artworks
    • Theme of your podcast website
  • Step 3 : Training

    We'll have a training session for you on:

    • Equipment setup
    • Improving your room acoustics
    • Recording and file transfer
    • Conducting interviews and co-hosting your podcast
    • Inter-connecting your social media channels
  • Step 4 : Getting to Work

    At this point, you can start recording your first podcast episode. Meanwhile, we’ll get busy working on:

    • Building your website or integrating podcast into your existing website
    • Creating Artworks
    • Making voice-vers / sound effects / intros / outros
  • Step 5 : Post Production

    Now that you’ve recorded your first episode it’s time for post production, which includes:

    • Audio editing
    • Preparing show notes
    • Adding artworks & ID3 Tags
    • Prepare social media material
    • Creat podcast Feed
    • Feedback / Q&A on improving your audio quality
  • Step 6 : Publish & Launch

    This is where we get your first episode to your listeners.

    • Publish your first episode
    • Publish to your social media channels
    • Post on YouTube
    • Submit your podcast to iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher and other available platforms
  • Step 7 : After launch services

    After you’ve finished launching your podcast we extend our service to the following, without additional costs.

    • Audio editing, show notes, social media material & publishing to YouTube for your second & third episodes.
    • One-on-one consulting session on lessons learnt and how to further improve your podcast quality and make your production process more efficient.
  • For our $699 new podcast launch package, you’ll get:

    • WordPress Based Podcast Website with Premium Theme
    • Royalty Free Intro/Outro Music
    • Intro Outro Voice Over
    • Podcast Cover Art
    • Podcast Logo
    • RSS Feed Configuration
    • Audio Production for First 3 Episodes
    • Optionally you can choose to have a dedicated theme music clip, created just for you

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